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6 September 2021


Members around Victoria have reported receiving another round of unsolicited emails at the weekend.

Bro. Barry Minster acknowledged in writing at the weekend that he had extracted thousands of email addresses of FV members when he occupied the position of Grand Almoner, before resigning from that position on 15 June this year.

Bro. Minster had no authorisation – express or implied – to broadcast his recent emails to members of Freemasons Victoria. Bro. Minster has no authorisation to retain this confidential intellectual property of Freemasons Victoria beyond 15 June, let alone use it beyond 15 June to promote his opinions or the views of others.

Bro. Minster is being advised to immediately cease and desist this behaviour. He is being instructed to return all trusted data in his possession to Freemasons Victoria without delay, and to provide a written undertaking that he will not retain any of this material for his use. Freemasons Victoria reserves all rights in these matters in the interests of privacy of membership information.

There are consequences for misuse of confidential information. Further probity investigations are in progress. These incidents will be referred to relevant authorities as necessary.


MWBro. Richard Elkington
Grand Master