About Us
At Freemasons Victoria we believe in a community built on true friendship, compassion and honesty.
Our mission is to be a meaningful and relevant organisation in the twenty-first century that empowers Lodges, members and the community by providing leadership, guidance and administrative support systems to ensure the perpetuity of Freemasonry in this State.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest existing fraternal organisation in the world. Drawing from a rich history, Freemasonry is also a vibrant, modern organisation that has successfully evolved over time.

Freemasonry is a worldwide society that has brought together millions of people in a fraternal manner, of all nations, religions, political beliefs, and all social backgrounds.

It comprises an estimated 6 million members worldwide with over 7,500 in Victoria. Modern Freemasonry traces its origins to before the 17th century and proudly preserves the traditions it has inherited from those times. These traditions make Freemasonry unique within the community.


Freemasonry is a principled way of life

Freemasonry is a principled way of life, offering a sense of belonging and of personal growth. The principles by which a Freemason is expected to conduct himself, are based on tolerance, equality, charity and honour. They strive towards spiritual enlightenment, and personal development as a way to moral perfection. Freemasons demonstrate these principles by showing tolerance and respect for the opinions of others, behaving with kindness and practising charity and care for their community.

Recognises the richness of all cultural beliefs

Excludes no individual from membership on the basis of race, religion or politics. Freemasons are required to profess a belief in a Supreme Being (the specifics of that belief are considered to be a personal matter). Freemasons pursue their personal development by working towards the betterment of all humanity through widespread community involvement offering support at all levels from local fundraising to international relief efforts.

Freemasons in Victoria have been active in the community for over 170 years and were instrumental in the development of Melbourne. They also established the Royal Freemasons Homes of Victoria in 1867 for the palliative care of the elderly, and the Freemasons Hospital in 1937 to care for Freemason members and their families.





Freemasonry in Australia

Freemasonry has been in Australia since the arrival of the First Fleet which landed in Botany Bay, NSW in 1788. Officers and military men who came from England as the first settlers of our country established military Lodges that were granted travelling warrants, with the first Lodge being established as The Australian Social Lodge No. 260IC, which held its first meeting on 4 January 1820 in Sydney.

Library & Museum

Freemasons Victoria Library & Museum maintains a fascinating collection of Masonic historical artefacts. With a rich history, embedded in ritual and education, the Library & Museum can be visited for a close-up view of Freemasons Victoria's heritage.

Level 1, 288 Victoria Pde East Melbourne VIC 3002

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Freemasonry in Victoria

We are proud of our significant contributions to Victorian history. Freemasonry in Australia truly began when 21 influential men drew up a petition on 23 December 1839 to form a Masonic Lodge, to be called the Lodge of Australia Felix. Previously, Freemasonry was governed primarily by three constitutions, coming from the English, Scottish and Irish settlers to Australia.

Freemasonry has been here since the First Fleet and has played a pivotal role in the growth and establishment of our state. The Foundation Stones of some of the most prominent and culturally significant buildings in Melbourne and beyond were placed by prominent Freemasons – the Melbourne Court House, Melbourne Hospital, the Princes Bridge and many more.