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21 March 2022

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of MWBro. Carl Stewart, Past Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria, at the age of 90.

A distinguished Freemason of 63 years, Bro. Carl was noted for his wise leadership and genial nature, said MWBro. Richard Elkington, Grand Master.

Bro. Carl was initiated into Freemasonry on 15 November 1958 at Lodge of Ophir No. 27. He held memberships at Melbourne High School Lodge, Lodge of Commerce, Lodge of Rapport, Lodge of Transition and the Hand of Friendship Fellowship Lodge at the Coppin Centre, where he had been a resident in recent times.

He was a member of many Grand Ceremonial Teams beginning in 1977. He had held roles including Grand Steward, Junior Grand Deacon, Grand Director of Ceremonies, Grand Inspector of Workings, Senior Grand Warden, and Deputy Grand Master, prior to his role as Grand Master in 1999-2001.

“For many years, MWBro. Carl Stewart's sage advice was sought and valued,” said MWBro. Elkington. “He was a very popular Grand Master. He provided exemplary leadership and friendship. I will remain grateful for the unqualified support that he always gave to my Grand Mastership and to me personally. An abiding memory will be our discussion at the February meeting of Hand of Friendship Lodge where, despite his ailments, he was in good spirits and enjoying fine Masonic company.”

The most sincere condolences of members across the State are extended to Pat Stewart, a most cherished member of the Freemasons Victoria family, at this time of her profound loss which is also shared by their family.

Appropriate observances will be paid at the Freemasons Victoria Quarterly Communication and Grand Re-Installation on Saturday 26 March 2022. A eulogy will be delivered by his dear friend, MWBro. Hillel Benedykt, Past Grand Master, on that day.

So Mote It Be.