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5 October 2023


I am pleased to announce a number of Senior appointments to the 2024-25 Grand Lodge Team. 

As indicated at the September Quarterly Communication, RWBro. Garry Runge will become Senior Grand Warden and RWBro. David Thexton will become Junior Grand Warden.

I am now pleased to advise that VWBro. Frank Lombardo will be Grand Director of Ceremonies, VWBro. Bruce Carey will be Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, and RWBro. Lindsay Aldersea will be Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

WBro. Rabbi Richard Wainstein is to become a Grand Chaplain.

VWBro. Terry Clifton is to become Grand Almoner. 

WBro. Wayne Millard, Deputy Grand Superintendent of Membership is to become Grand Superintendent of Membership, WBro. Brendan Kyne, Deputy Grand Superintendent of Education will become the Grand Superintendent of Education, and VWBro. Steve Latimer will be Deputy Grand Inspector of Workings.

VWBro. Geoff Lowe will be Grand Herald.

VWBro. Ian Upjohn KC, GReg, will be retiring in March next after 5 very demanding years in his role. His successor will be announced once approved by the Masonic Council as is required by our Book of Constitutions.

Congratulations to these and other Brethren who will assume important positions for Freemasonry in the Grand Lodge Team. 

I personally and on behalf of the Craft thank those who have filled these positions in recent years and for their significant contribution to the Craft. We have a healthy succession of talented Brethren and continue the tradition of promoting new Brethren for these important roles.

MWBro. Anthony Bucca
Grand Master