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20 September 2023


Brethren across Victoria will have the opportunity to vote electronically on two motions this Wednesday, 20 September, at the time of the Quarterly Communication. Details of the motions, and explanatory notes, have previously been circulated and are attached below.

I have been informed that a member wishes to speak against the motions, being proposed by the Grand Registrar, VWBro. Ian Upjohn KC.

In the interests of absolute fairness, no vote should be taken until this member has had his say, and the Grand Registrar has had an opportunity to offer a rebuttal. All members should hear all opinions before they cast their vote.

Accordingly, the Motions will be put just after the Quarterly Communication starts at 7:30pm, followed by debate, then voting will open immediately after the discussion has concluded at around 8:00pm. Voting will be open for approximately 40 minutes.


MWBro. Anthony Bucca
Grand Master