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5 August 2022

Richard Elkington's immediate resignation as Grand Master, announced on Thursday night, has come as a shock to the Fraternity in Victoria.

Richard and I had several convivial conversations over the past week.

Over the past 2½-years as his Deputy, I have supported his works, and provided the loyalty to which all Freemasons commit to our Grand Masters.

I am sure that Richard will have a continued involvements in the Craft and will participate widely in the future as a Past Grand Master.

I am committed to being installed as Grand Master in March 2023 by MWBro. Richard.

Now I find myself in the role of Acting Grand Master, ahead of schedule, I ask for the indulgence and understanding of Brethren during this interim time, particularly whilst I work through many work, family, and other commitments.

As you will appreciate, I wasn't planning for this eventuality, and I am bound to meet my outside commitments.

It is my duty to take on this role as Acting Grand Master, with immediate effect.

In due course, the Grand Secretary will advise of the exact workings of this role, and he will communicate the arrangements under our rules for the Deputy Grand Master position.

There is much work to do, including our focus on Constitutional Transition.

MWBro. Richard Elkington departs his position with the sincere thanks of our fraternity. I wish to personally thank Richard and Kathleen for their devotion to service and I join with Brethren in extending our grateful appreciation for their commitment to Victorian Freemasonry over a number of decades.

RWBro. Anthony Bucca
Acting Grand Master