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26 August 2022


Positive social media coverage of Lodge events in the South is encouraged, but it is timely to remind Brethren that photography in the Lodge Room is generally not permitted.

Disturbingly, there has been an increasing use of cameras and mobile phones in Lodge Rooms to film, particularly whilst ritual is in progress. Our customs dictate that Lodge workings are not to be captured by still or motion photography. Similarly, there have been examples where secrets or degree workings have been verbally revealed to people not authorised to receive this information.

The only exceptions allowing photography in the Lodge Room is when express permission has been announced by an Installing Master or Lodge Master at the very conclusion of an Installation, or of a special presentation.

To put it simply, photography is generally not permitted in the Lodge Room. The cooperation of all Brethren is earnestly sought.

RWBro. Anthony Bucca
Acting Grand Master