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14 February 2024


It is timely to remind all Lodges of the protocols relating to all Installations. Properly dedicated and furnished Lodge rooms must in future be used for all Installations. The choice of location for Banquet Souths is that of the Lodge, however Brethren are urged to be mindful of running affordable Souths to maximise numbers of Brethren (and family and friends where applicable) in attendance.

Any previous dispensations for Lodge Installations to be held elsewhere are hereby revoked. If there are compelling reasons for an installation to be held other than in a lodge room, a dispensation must be sought from the Grand Master of the day.

The Masonic Council and the Grand Inspector of Workings concur with me that Installations should be the highlight of a Lodge's year. Lodge room layout should include the Worshipful Master and Wardens in their traditional elevated positions, according to our customs.

Our traditions, when Grand Ceremonial Teams are carrying out an Installation, call for the Grand Director of Ceremonies (or his Deputy, or Assistant) “to take charge of the whole of the evening’s proceedings”.  That includes the Banquet South. Any departure from this protocol will be at the discretion of the Installing Master and the Grand Director or his Deputy.

Where there is an Official Visit to a regular Lodge meeting by the Grand Master or his representative the Grand Director will take charge of the entry, retirement and Grand Honours in the Lodge Room. The Grand Director will also take charge in the South for the Toast to the Grand Master, and the subsequent response. The Lodge Director of Ceremonies – if he wishes – may pass over the running of the entire South to the Grand Director or his Deputy.



The Grand Master is the only person authorized to make media comment on behalf of Freemasons Victoria. The Grand Master may delegate that authority to the Grand Secretary. 

If approached by the media, Brethren should explain that our members are not authorized to make any comment to the media. A firm “no comment’ should be given to all questions. Instead, a written enquiry with the media representative’s questions should be emailed by them to

Rule 287 applies: ” No brother shall print or publish or communicate to any person for the purpose of printing or publication any of the business or proceedings of any Lodge or other Masonic gathering (except such gathering as members of the public are entitled to attend), or any matter or thing discussed therein without the consent of the Grand Master, or print, or publish, or cause to be printed or published, anything which by Masonic law or custom should not be published.”


MWBro. Anthony John Bucca