Other Announcements


30 September 2021

Advance advice of council nominations

Hello. It's Robert Brennand here, Chair of the Freemasons Victoria Change Management Steering Committee.

Over the coming 11 weeks, I will be speaking regularly with you about the steps being taken for the Interim Governance arrangements being put in place for the 12 months of 2022. In mid-September, Freemasons across Victoria voted to establish a Masonic Council and a Commercial Council. Each Council will include members voted into office.

In one week's time – on Friday 8 October – advertisements will appear, inviting Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified Freemasons to nominate for a selection process for these Councils, prior to shortlists being compiled. The shortlists will then go out to members for voting from mid-November. An independent personnel specialist will assist in this process, as will an experienced independent Freemason.

These are important leadership roles with significant responsibilities. Governance of any organisation in the 2020s and beyond requires the highest calibre candidates. Detailed position descriptions will accompany the advertisements next week. Some of the requirements of nominees will be to provide external referees, to supply a current Victoria Police check, to permit an examination of their social media history from the past 12 months, and to undertake a WAVE psychometric evaluation. This is standard accepted process in the corporate world.

Qualifications similar to the Australian Institute of Company Directors course will be highly regarded, as will governance experience at a senior level. Undertakings to abide by various Codes of Conduct are also part of the requirements for these 12-month appointments. As you know, throughout 2022 there will be extensive discussions to develop more permanent Constitutional changes to be put to a vote in the latter part of next year.

The first details of the Expressions of Interest phase of the Interim arrangements will be announced on Friday 8 October. However, our Committee thought you would appreciate this advance notice of the initial steps that will begin in one week's time. We look forward to working with all members for the good of Freemasonry in Victoria.

Bye for now.

VWBro. Robert Brennand
Chair Change Management Steering Committee