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29 October 2021

As we return to meeting in-person and resuming Masonic Ceremonial work, it’s important to consider how well-prepared we are.

For many of us, it’s been a while since we last saw or took part in any degree work and even the most experienced Brethren would admit to being a bit ‘rusty’. This, combined with the large number of men waiting to join our organisation, make it obvious that we all need to make a special effort if we are to do justice to our ceremonial teachings and traditions.

Over the coming weeks, the Ritual and Ceremonial Committee will offer some ideas and suggestions aimed at assisting Brethren and Lodges with their preparations. One of the ways we can improve our ceremonial knowledge and ability is by participating in a Lodge of Instruction.

Freemasonry means different things to different members. Our rituals, however, are a common bond that unite us all.

Ritual and Ceremonial has played an important part in the development of cultures throughout history and has allowed significant events, stories, and teachings to be passed from one generation to another.

Perhaps you remember hearing a charge delivered in Lodge with great meaning and passion? If so, then you understand what a powerful impact our ritual can have when it is presented well. We also benefit personally when we can draw on the principles of Masonic teachings in our daily lives. The real challenge, however, is to present our ceremonies in a way that allows each member to discover their own meaning and purpose.

As the name suggests, the Ritual and Ceremonial Committee provides advice to the Grand Master on matters relating to the formal and ceremonial aspects of Freemasonry in Victoria. The Committee also seeks to promote a consistent and high standard of work within Lodges, while assisting with feedback, support and training as required.

As Lodges reopen, Brethren wanting to improve their ceremonial knowledge and skills are advised to contact their local Lodge of Instruction. The list of the Lodges of Instruction will be available next week on the FV website under the Masonic Guide.

For information about ritual or ceremonial, refer to the Degree Ritual (November 2020 edition) and Information on Lodge Workings (November 2020 edition). Print and digital versions can be requested from the Grand Lodge Office by emailing grandsec@freemasonvic.net.au.

You can also speak to your District Coordinator or the Inspector of Workings for your Lodge for guidance.

The Ritual and Ceremonial Committee can be contacted at ritual@freemasonsvic.net.au