Other Announcements


3 December 2021


Although the State is emerging from lockdown, we need to be mindful that the pandemic is still very real. Our organisation is not immune, and a number of Lodge members have had to undergo testing and isolation following Lodge meetings. Masonic Centres have had to be deep cleaned as a result with significant financial impost to the organisation.

Following a recommendation to the Grand Master, MWBro. Richard Elkington is STRONGLY RECOMMENDING the wearing of masks in the Lodge room while undertaking degree work and moving around the Masonic Centre. Masks can be removed for delivery of charges but should be in place for close contact. Of course, when in the South the removal of masks is acceptable.

All other restrictions will remain including:

  1. Gloves are not to be worn
  2. All members are required to check in via QR code to Masonic Centres using the Service Victoria App
  3. Ongoing use of hand sanitiser
  4. Equipment to be wiped down with disinfectant wipes or equivalent
  5. Only fully vaccinated members and non-Masonic guests are to attend meetings or functions
  6. Covid Marshalls are required for the monitoring of QR code check in and vaccination certificates
  7. Brethren with a valid medical exemption are requested not to return to Lodge out of concern for their wellbeing

We will continue to review these restrictions as required and keep you up to date at all times.

Please enjoy your Freemasonry but let us do so in a safe environment, thinking of others.

Freemasons Victoria