Other Announcements


11 November 2022

Payments to flood-affected Brethren and to Victorian communities have already begun. Freemasons Victoria has joined with Freemasons Foundation Victoria to provide $700,000 to those affected, with that fund already boosted by a further private donation of $50,000, and other contributions from members and Lodges.

It is pleasing to advise that the rapid distribution of funds has already started in earnest. In several cases, senior Freemasons have visited flood-affected Brethren and their families, assisted with paperwork, have submitted the application on behalf of the victims, and funds have been approved and paid within 24 hours.

With further heavy rains and floods expected in coming days, Freemasons Victoria is stepping up its efforts to provide assistance.

RWBro. Anthony Bucca, Grand Master-Elect, has emphasised that it is important that speedy and meaningful financial help be extended to Brethren in need. This must be done with minimum fuss.

WBro. Rodney Lavin, Chairman of Freemasons Foundation Victoria, has recorded a video, explaining how quick assistance is being provided. See the video here.

RWBro. Bruce Cowie, Grand Secretary, has already started to form a small Working Committee, to ensure that Freemasons Victoria is pro-active in identifying Brethren who require assistance, and to make sure that our organisation's response is time sensitive. As well as immediate needs, our Fraternity's assistance will necessarily also require a medium-term focus.

Members and Lodges can donate via this webpage: https://www.freemasonsfoundation.org/disasterrelieffund

Over coming weeks, it will be important that as well as financial assistance, practical on-the-ground help be extended with working bees and recovery works.

Almoner, chaplaincy and mental health professional assistance can be accessed through grandsec@freemasonsvic.net.au