Deputy Grand Master Selection Panel

Deputy Grand Master Selection Panel

Following the outcome of the vote for Constitutional Change for the qualifications to serve on the Deputy Grand Master Selection Panel, the Grand Secretary now calls for suitably qualified Brethren from each district to nominate for a position on the Deputy Grand Master Selection Panel.

Brethren, please note that this is the panel that will select the Deputy Grand Master. This is open to one representative from each of the 12 Districts, who is entitled to the appellation of Very Worshipful Brother or above.

Please note the changes to the regional districts as outlined in the report from the Masonic Council in the papers distributed at the April 2024 Quarterly Communication.

Should there be more than one application from a district, the members in that district will be asked to vote for their preferred representative.

The 8 Metro Districts are:

  • District 110 – Bellarine Otway
  • District 111 – Central
  • District 112 – Bayside
  • District 113 – South East Mornington
  • District 114 – Monash Gully
  • District 115 – Maroondah
  • District 116 – Northern
  • District 117 – Western

There will be four new Regional Districts incorporating all the Lodges from the 9 current regional districts condensing the total down to 12 districts in Victoria.

  1. North West Victoria District 101
    • Existing District 101 North West.
    • Existing District 107 Wimmera
    • Existing District 103 Loddon.
  2. South West Victoria District 102
    • Existing District 102 South West
    • Existing District 106 Central Highlands
  3. North East Victoria  District 108
    • Existing District 104 Goulburn
    • Existing District 108 North East
  4. South East Victoria  District 105
    • Existing District 105 Gippsland East
    • Existing District 109 Gippsland South/West

Any Brother desirous of serving on the panel is asked to download and complete the following application – download application form here.

All applications must be emailed to the Grand Secretary by Close of Business on 30 April 2024 –

Download Application Form – Click Here

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