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30 July 2021

Masonic Branding Study Underway

There are a number of groups, bodies and committees which proudly bear the Masonic brand. They have Freemasons as members who conduct learning and other development activities, or associate for the delivery of ceremonial work, or practise special interests, or provide philanthropic support to the community.

Many of these groups seek endorsement, publicity, or financial support from the community as well as from Freemasons Victoria.

Whilst there is no desire to control their activities or censure in any way their public pronouncements, it is first necessary that we understand just who these groups are. We need to understand their governance, branding and aims.

Freemasons Victoria wishes to extend support to these groups through an understanding of their current and potential future alignment with the objectives of Freemasonry in general and with Freemasons Victoria, their Districts and their individual Lodges in particular. We want to ensure that the officers of these groups are adequately covered by the FV insurance policies.

It is essential that Freemasons Victoria identify those groups using the Masonic Brand. The Masonic Governing Council has created Terms of Reference and appointed WBro. Peter Atkin, PGStdB to lead the study. Peter is a respected senior Victorian Freemason with wide experience as a District Coordinator. Peter has decades of leadership experience and has been a Company Director with a deep working knowledge of governance requirements. His disciplined approach is also shown by his tertiary qualifications which include BSc Applied Math, BA Psychology and BA Philosophy.

Peter will be supported by VWBro. Michael Holloway APM, formerly an Inspector of Victoria Police. They will be supported by the staff of the Grand Secretary.

Peter and Michael are seeking to identify groups using the FV brand. A representative of each group should email Peter with their contact details.


RWBro. Garry Runge OAM JP
Grand Secretary