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27 August 2021


VWBro. Paul Brennand, Grand Superintendent of Membership
Bro. Brennand, currently Chair of the Membership Volunteer Action Team, is returning to the United Kingdom in coming weeks. The announcement of his replacement will be made in the course of time.

The Grand Master offered sincere and profound thanks to Bro. Brennand for his considerable efforts in this important role. MWBro. Elkington extends every good wish to Paul and Pam as they return to their homeland, to be closer to family members.

VWBro. David Thompson, Grand Almoner
Our new Grand Almoner is returning from personal leave. He is approaching the role differently, and he is placing an emphasis on sharing almoner duties across the State with District and Lodge Almoners playing an increased role. Extensive training sessions are planned as soon as lockdown restrictions permit.

David will continue to build his own team to conduct the Freemasons Victoria Almoner’s Bulletin Board on Facebook. This service continues to notify of deaths and funerals on a daily basis. The popular birthday messages have been reinstated.

“We are all Almoners,” said the Grand Master. “It falls to each of us to demonstrate brotherly love, relief and truth to our fellow Brethren, their families and our widows.”

“I wish to congratulate each member on their progressions. Every best wish is extended to each of them, and I again thank them for their excellent contributions to our great brotherhood,” said MWBro. Elkington.


RWBro. Garry Runge OAM JP
Grand Secretary