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23 February 2022

The FFRT has agreed that as of Saturday 26 February masks will no longer be required at Lodge meetings or in the festive board. I am also advising that gloves may again be used in Lodge meetings.

Restrictions that were in place due to Covid have now been lifted and we are now able to resume our normal Lodge operations however it is still a requirement of Freemasons Victoria that only double vaccinated members and guests are permitted to attend Lodge meetings and events unless a valid medical exemption applies. Accordingly, it is a requirement to continue to use QR codes to enable evidence of being double vaccinated or holding a valid medical exemption to be produced.

Please note the Omicron strain is still within the community and we must be cautious. If any member prefers to continue wearing a mask that is their personal choice and must be respected. It is still incumbent on the Lodge to ensure social distancing where possible and hand sanitiser must be readily available in the Masonic Centre.

While the rules are relaxing, we must continue to be vigilant and aware that members are still at risk. It is important that we make our Lodges a safe environment.

RWBro. Bruce Cowie
Grand Secretary