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15 April 2022

Extracted from the Freemasons Victoria Autumn Journal

I am excited to be re-appointed as the Grand Secretary at this challenging time for Freemasonry in Victoria.

There is no doubt that the last two years with COVID-19 and the turmoil that has been created both here and elsewhere has had an impact on the community and on Freemasonry. 2022 is an opportunity to now move into a time where we have to live with the virus and resume our lives conscious of the impacts on our family and friends, our business and our community.

Freemasonry has demonstrated that it can respond to the challenge, and we have seen many creative opportunities to use Zoom to enable some level of regular meetings which has enabled fellowship, Masonic Education and fun.

We are now resuming regular face to face meetings and as we plan our Lodge meetings, we need to keep in mind two important factors. Firstly, that we must comply with Government regulations. We have no option on this point. Secondly, we need to go beyond and think of the health of our members and take steps above and beyond as necessary to ensure we are safe at our meetings. This will require greater thought and consideration to ensure that we do not discriminate, but we do provide and environment where members want to attend and feel safe.

I also hope that initiatives utilised for the period when we were locked down can be continued to ensure ongoing contributions of many. Examples include using Zoom for committee meetings or for catch up with individual members and ongoing education. This will both save time in travel but limit the exposure of brethren to the risk of infection.

Brethren, in times of crisis solutions arise and as we face the return to some form of normality, we need to apply out of the box thinking to many of the challenges facing Freemasonry. If there is doubt about whether some idea is consistent with the Book of Constitutions or are possible in the current environment, please contact me for assistance.

There are of course challenges beyond COVID-19 not the least being the constitutional change not only to enable a permanent and appropriate governance structure to be put in place but a constitution that reflects the needs of a membership organisation in the 21st century. My enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff are here to assist. Please contact when necessary.

RWBro. Bruce Cowie
Grand Secretary