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11 November 2022


A 29-page ‘Exposure Draft' document has already been circulated to Freemasons across Victoria. This document details the proposed changes to Rules 300-339 of the Book of Constitutions, and explanatory notes, around a Notice of Motion to be presented at the Quarterly Communication on Wednesday, December 14. A vote of all members on that motion will take place in February 2023.

A supplementary document, with proposed consequential changes, can be found here.

The documents are the work of the Freemasons Victoria Legal and Constitutional Committee, led by the Grand Registrar, VWBro. Ian Upjohn KC, working in conjunction with the Constitution Transition Team led by Harry Jenkins AO. Harry Jenkins last week produced an explanatory video providing a progress report. The video has had 914 views to date. It can be seen here:

Forums have occurred across the State since September. A document, with a summary of the feedback from all those meetings, has already been circulated. The final two meetings of a total of 18, are due to be held at Korumburra and Benalla in the coming weeks. A Zoom meeting, to be chaired by Harry Jenkins, is to be held at 7:30pm on Wednesday 30 November and all Victorian Freemasons are invited to attend.

Comments from members on proposed changes will be welcomed prior to 25 November 2022, to a dedicated email address

The agenda for the December Quarterly Communication will be distributed on 7 December. Members are reminded that any proposed motions for a Quarterly Communication must be presented in the correct manner to the Grand Secretary, at least 21 days prior to the QC. All proposed motions are considered first by the Agenda Committee.

It is planned that a Quarterly Communication, chiefly dedicated to discussing and voting upon the Constitutional Changes, will be held at Freemasons Bayside at 7:30pm on Wednesday 8 February. Electronic voting will take place. (A brief procedural Quarterly Communication will be held prior to the Grand Installation on Saturday 25 March 2023.) Therefore, any proposed amendments to the motion, or alternative motions, will need to be submitted in the proper manner to the Grand Secretary, by 5:00pm, Wednesday 18 January 2023.

The entire process, surrounding a desire to modernise our Book of Constitutions continues to emphasise the aim that every Brother across the jurisdiction has an opportunity to be seen and heard.

RWBro. Bruce Cowie
Grand Secretary