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11 May 2023

Health and Safety at Masonic Centres

The Health and safety of members, their families, visitors and tenants must be a priority of Freemasons Victoria. In a practical way, as well as morally and legally. It is absolutely essential that all properties where Freemasons gather in Victoria must meet essential requirements.

Preliminary reports that have reached my office, indicate the possibility that matters of health and safety may need attention at a number of Masonic Centres.

Regrettably, I have taken the step to close the Yarraville Masonic Centre with immediate effect. Entry is strictly prohibited to all individuals and Lodges. There are no exceptions to this direction, without my express written authority. In the interim the members of the Yarraville Lodge will re-locate to Williamstown until further arrangements can be made.

The Grand Master, MWBro. Anthony Bucca, has spoken widely of his desire that Masonic Centres are a place of pride, where members are happy and safe to gather. He has spoken about how funds will be made available for these essential works to take place in a timely way. Our Commercial Council has been working over recent months towards these very ends. A substantial allocation of funds has been approved by the Commercial Council for urgent repairs.

Representatives of Lodges and Masonic Centres who have concerns about health, safety and maintenance matters are asked to make immediate contact with the Grand Secretary’s office at:

Given the importance of this advice, I am sending this to all of you as members of Freemasons Victoria. It is critical to know that while the Masonic and Commercial Councils are in caretaker mode, matters of work, health and safety will continue to be handled by the appropriate processes.

Our obligation to do the right thing is obvious, notwithstanding our commercial responsibilities and insurance obligations.

RWBro. Bruce Cowie
Grand Secretary