$2 million Works Program for Ivalda Masonic Centre

The exciting announcement underscores the pledge by Grand Master, MWBro. Anthony Bucca, to focus on Masonic Centres across the State to again be places where Brethren are proud to be, and to share with their family and friends.

The $2 million program at Ivalda includes essential works to enhance the building integrity at the property, which will soon celebrate its 100-year anniversary. This expenditure will include external and internal refurbishment of the unique dome in the Lodge Room, significant improvements to the Supper Hall, the installation of a new commercial-standard kitchen, plus a renewal of the second Lodge Room which was built in the 1950s. There will be added improvements to the car park.

Cash funding will be drawn from the improved net assets of Freemasons Victoria, some of which comes from the proceeds of the sale of disused buildings, some from the returns of our prudent investment in shares. The financial oversight of these expenditures is led by the Commercial Council, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary and the Finance Staff Team. All expenditures are under the ongoing supervision of independent Auditors.

The Ivalda Masonic Centre is to be regarded at the same level of major centres at East Melbourne (Central), Bayside (South) and Box Hill (East). There will be an emphasis on Northern District Lodges to utilise the improved Ivalda Masonic Centre to maximise ‘the Lodge Experience', and to best recruit and retain members.

To ensure optimum opportunities throughout the Ivalda improvements program, a Freemasons Victoria Board of Management, headed by the Grand Superintendent of Works, VWBro. Steve Simpson, takes over the day-to-day management of the property, formerly conducted by the Ivalda Masonic Centre Inc. Further details will be circulated to tenant Lodges in coming weeks.

“One of the central planks of my Vision Statement almost five years ago was to facilitate essential improvements to Masonic Centres across Victoria,” said the Grand Master. “Temporarily interrupted by COVID, Freemasons Victoria is now back on track in taking action, rather than talk. I congratulate the members of the Commercial Council, working in tandem with the Masonic Council, for their fortitude in making bold decisions about the future of Freemasonry in Victoria.

“This is the first in a number of announcements to be made over the next 12 months. A total of $5 million is set to be allocated for essential works at centres over the coming 12 months. On top of this will be further investments in specific projects such as internal and kitchen improvements at the Essendon Masonic Centre (Western). Details of all aspects of the programs will be regularly communicated to Brethren.

“This is a great time to be a Freemason in Victoria. There is a palpable excitement amongst Brethren right across Victoria, enjoying their Lodge work, coming together happily in the South, and doing fine work in the community. Bringing happiness to others. This program of determined investment in our own properties will support our renewed energy in membership development, and offer best value to our members for the Capitation Fees that they contribute,” says our Grand Master.

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