Freemasons chop wood to raise money for the local community

Lowan Lodge 107 members decided they wanted to do some fundraising for the Nhill community but with COVID-19 restrictions at present raffles and other normal fundraising activities just aren’t viable. Incoming Worshipful Master Armand floated the idea of selling wood to enable Lowan Lodge to continue good works within our local community. Members came to help after WBro. Teakle invited the lodge to come and cut some wood from his timber on his farm. Plenty of fresh air, exercise, and laughs were had by all involved.

Cutting wood photo:
Bro. Von Benecke, VWBro. Teakle and WBro. Dunbar
Photo around trailer:
WBro. Howarth, WBro. Price, Clark Price, VWBro. Teakle and Bro. Von Benecke


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