Trafalgar Leadership Training

Trafalgar Leadership Training
March 15, 2017 FMV Jessica Machell

In February the Trafalgar Masonic Lodge facilitated Federation Training to conduct a leadership training program. It provided future leaders with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and knowledge. The course was jointly developed by Federation Training and the Trafalgar Masonic Lodge to empower students to make a difference in the community.

Eleven students participated in the workshops held over three consecutive weeks. They discussed a range of topics including effective communication, managing successful meetings and developing sustainable relationships. The students were all keen to share their knowledge and experiences with the group and reflected on their own personal leadership journey.

A graduation ceremony was hosted by the Trafalgar Masonic Lodge to recognise the achievements of these inspiring leaders. The evening was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the groups diverse background and discuss future endeavours.

Certificates were presented to participants by Right Worshipful Brother Keith Murray Deputy Grand Master of The United Grand Lodge of Victoria.

The Trafalgar Masonic Lodge would like to express its thanks to the United Grand Lodge of Victoria for providing funding and support to the program, the 1st Trafalgar Scout Group for its support of the program and its continued commitment to the youth and citizens of Trafalgar, Bendigo Bank Trafalgar branch for inkind support to the participants, to the numerous individuals and businesses in Trafalgar who supported the program by posting flyers or assisting in engaging participants. Also we acknowledge the fantastic contribution from Fiona Bristo from Federation Training for her enthusiasm and ability to bring out the best in her students. Mervyn Moon Master of the Trafalgar Lodge also thanked Keith Murray for his unwavering support and Greg Turner for his great ideas and hard work in making this happen.


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  1. Ange Kenos 1 year ago

    I have previously devised and delivered leadership courses to secondary school students as well as to older age groups. But this is a great idea and one well worth our sharing, if Trafalgar agree, across the state

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