Double Honour at Keysborough St Andrews Daylight Lodge

Double Honour at Keysborough St Andrews Daylight Lodge
March 14, 2017 FMV Jessica Machell

On Wednesday 22nd February, two prominent community leaders met at Keysborough St. Andrews Daylight Lodge to mark two special occasions.

Worshipful Master Colin Rimington welcomed Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria, Most Worshipful Brother Don Reynolds to a packed Lodge room. Here, Don presented a 50 year service Jewel to long standing Freemason RWBro. Jack White, PJGW.

The Grand Master outlined Jacks’ contribution to Freemasonry, having joined the Craft in Ireland (where he was a member of the Lodge Union No. 106 Irish Constitution), before emigrating to Australia. Upon his arrival in Australia, he joined the Sandown Lodge in 1974 where he served through the ranks to Worshipful Master. Jack was active in many facets of Freemasonry, which included Grand Herald in Grand Lodge ceremonial teams for about 10 years. Jack was accompanied by his granddaughter during the presentation of his jewel.

The Lodge meeting day was a Scouting Theme. A number of masonic scouters visited the Lodge in scout uniform including a number of members from the Baden Powell Lodge. Master of the Lodge, WBro. Colin Rimington JP was also able to still fit into his uniform. A number of the Lodge members also were able to wear parts of their uniforms including their scarves, shirts etc.

The Honourable Michael Baden-Powell also honoured the lodge with his presence and was the key note speaker in the South, discussing the similarities between scouting and freemasonry. Michael’s presentation included a visual and verbal presentation. The meeting coincidentally fell on the occasion of Founders Day which celebrates the birthday of Lord Baden-Powell, who was the founder of Scouting. Many of the Freemasons who attended the Lodge were once scouters or had associations with scouting.

WBro. Colin Rimington, is keen to encourage inactive freemasons to join in the harmony and fellowship of Lodge. Daylight Lodges provide another great option of accessibility to members who cannot attend Lodge on evenings due to prior engagements, work or family commitments, health reasons or are currently registered in Lodge of Transition and are still looking for a new Lodge to join.

Daylight Lodges also have their wives or partners attend every Lodge meeting and enjoy the lunchtime meal in the South. Ladies and partners are welcome in fact encouraged to attend every meeting if they so desire. Whilst the brethren are in the lodge room conducting their meeting, the ladies also enjoy a morning tea together and also a wonderful fellowship together. Keysborough St. Andrews Lodge encourages you to visit their Lodge and ask any questions you may have.

Good reasons to consider joining a Daylight Lodge

“Freemasons who are for one reason or another are finding night Lodges difficult to attend or work shift work, some Brethren may not want to drive at night any more, or for other reasons for example their health or like me has an injury which prevents me from driving at night, joining a Daylight Lodge provides them continued association with Freemasonry.”

Keysborough St. Andrews Daylight Lodge meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the South East Masonic Centre which is located on the corner of Perry Road and Greens Road in Keysborough just five minutes from the EastLink off ramp at Greens Road or about 5 minutes from the Monash Freeway. They meet at 10am and have morning tea at 11am.

“We are very active in the Lodge room and carry out masonic lectures, as well as traditional masonic ritual. In the South we have a key note speaker and a two course meal. We usually finish around 2.30 pm so people can get home in the daylight and before the peak period of the traffic.”

For Brethren and ladies who do not have access to transport, the Lodge can help to arrange transport to and from the meeting each month.

April Meeting at Keysborough St. Andrews Daylight Lodge

At the upcoming April meeting, the team will carry out the Ceremony of the Unknown Soldier and the Vacant Chair Ceremony. The South we will be having some community singing of some of the war time songs which people will remember.


To find out more details on joining a Daylight Lodge, contact;

Colin Rimington
Phone: 9795 3203
Mobile: 0488 782 392

Alternatively, contact the Lodge Secretary;

Arthur Rogers
Phone: 9706 3045
Mobile: 0414 512 443


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