Freemasons Victoria Constitutional Changes

Freemasons Victoria Constitutional Changes
October 18, 2016 Freemasons Victoria

Message from MWBro. Don Reynolds
Grand Master

Dear Brethren

It is always good to return home after a trip away – Mya and I are pleased to be back!

We have very much enjoyed most successful visits to Malaysia and Taipei and have been proud, along with our delegation, to represent Freemasons Victoria in South East Asia.

I am pleased to report that great progress has been furthered with Freemasonry leadership from the Philippines.

In Malaysia, we were delighted to be asked to respond to the toast to all visitors, and in Taipei we were pleased to present a paper in relation to membership and demographics at the conference of Grand Masters of Asia and the Pacific, and to actively contribute to the joint statement from all Grand Masters attending.

I look forward to bringing you more news for future communications about our presence in the region, but in the interim, I commend the contents of this communication to you.

MWBro. Don Reynolds
Grand Master

Message from RWBro. Richard L. Elkington
President of the Board of General Purposes
Dear Brethren

Continuing with our explanations about the reasons for the proposed constitutional changes on which you will be asked to vote in the upcoming 14 December 2016 Quarterly Communication. The next items for your consideration will be:

– That Rule 56 be deleted and the following rule substituted therefore:-

56. The Grand Secretary has ceremonial responsibilities as determined from time to time by the Grand Master and executive and administrative responsibilities as determined from time to time by the Chief Executive Officer, in consultation with the Board of General Purposes.

– That Rule 57 be deleted and the following rule substituted therefore:-

57. Upon the position of Grand Secretary becoming vacant the Chief Executive Officer shall immediately take steps to advertise the position and make a recommendation for the appointment of Grand Secretary to the Board of General Purposes for its consideration and approval. The appointment shall be subject to a mutually agreed contract of employment.

Here the vision is to make the roles of Chief Executive and Grand Secretary, separate and distinct.

Separating the Chief Executive role from that of Grand Secretary and appointing the Chief Executive purely on the basis of organisational skills and experience provides the most effective opportunity for the organisation to achieve its aims and ambitions. It provides better scope to engage the right person, with the requisite expertise, for each role and also provides a better opportunity to balance workloads and enable more timely delivery of respective objectives and responsibilities.

With the separation of these roles, it will no longer be a requirement that the Chief Executive is a Freemason.

The appointment of the Chief Executive by the Board of General Purposes will ensure an improved alignment of the work of the Board and the operation of the organisation. The Chief Executive will report directly to the President of the Board.

The role of the Grand Secretary will be an appointment of the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Board, the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. The Grand Secretary provides advice and guidance on Masonic issues and acts as secretary to the Board.

RWBro. Richard L. Elkington
President of the Board of General Purposes

Message from Jane Sydenham-Clarke
Chief Executive


Dear Members

This week I very much enjoyed attending the Southern East Mornington District's Pink Breakfast fundraising event at Keysborough Masonic Centre at which over $5,000 was raised to support those with cancers.

Such a wonderful result! Congratulations all those who made this possible including District Coordinator WBro. John Grieve and RWBro. Denis and RWBro. Tom Henry (who just celebrated 75 years' service to Freemasonry).

Freemasons Victoria Foundation AGM
Please note you are encouraged to attend the upcoming Freemasons Victoria Foundation AGM at 5.00pm Wednesday 9 November 2016. Please see your invitation here.

The Eastbourne development
I am pleased to report on significant progress with respect to the Eastbourne development in East Melbourne in partnership with Mirvac and Bates Smart Architects.

The Pavilion (penthouse) has recently been announced and there is significant interest from the market. The remaining apartments' sales are progressing most favourably ahead of schedule. This week demolition has commenced, and as you can see here, the progress is substantial.

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan
9.30am Tuesday 8 November 2016
Freemasons Victoria Field of Remembrance 2016
Keysborough Masonic Centre, 270 Hutton Road, Keysborough
Limited Seating – call Julia Edwards 9411 0103 to book or email
Refreshments will be served following the ceremony.
See here for further information.

Jane Sydenham-Clarke
Chief Executive