FMV Men’s Health Week: 12-18 June, 2017

FMV Men’s Health Week: 12-18 June, 2017
May 1, 2017 FMV Jessica Machell

“We must be able to have those meaningful conversations about the factors that keep us healthy in body and mind”.

12-18 June 2017 is Men’s Health Week and Freemasons Victoria will be initiating a range of activities and launching a dedicated men’s health resource on our website.
This year’s Men’s Health Week theme is Healthy Body – Healthy Mind: Keeping the Balance and the focus is on exploring the different ways men and boys are managing to keep healthy, physically and emotionally, in a busy and sometimes challenging world.

To improve and maintain the health of men, boys and their families in our community we must be able to have those meaningful conversations about the factors that keep us healthy in body and mind.

Balancing the challenges of today’s busy world means doing things that are nourishing and beneficial to our health, and our Grand Master encourages us in our Lodges to reach out to men and boys to respond to the issues impacting on the health of men, boys and their families in our local areas.

Men’s Health Week is our opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of our men and boys.

Professor John Macdonald Foundation Chair in Primary Health Care, Director of Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre Patron of the Australian Men’s Sheds Association (AMSA) writes on the Men’s Health Week website. He explains that there is an ongoing, increasing and mostly silent crisis in the health and wellbeing of men and boys. Due to a lack of awareness, poor health education, and culturally conditioned behaviour patterns in their work and personal lives, the health and wellbeing of men and boys is an area of concern.

In Australia and several other countries, men and boys experience significantly higher rates of addiction, violence, crime, accident and premature death in comparison to their female counterparts. As well, men show significantly higher rates of death from cancer, heart disease, homicide and suicide.

Men’s Health Week research illustrates that Australian men are more likely to get sick from serious health problems than women, often due to a lack of early intervention and their mortality (death) rate is also much higher. The Australian Bureau of Statistics Leading Causes of Death by Gender (2013) shows that the death rate from the leading causes of death is greater for men than women.

Males in industrialised societies, such as Australia, are less inclined than women to take an active role in maintaining their own health and receive far fewer messages, than women do, concerning the importance of their health and wellbeing. They are also less likely to seek professional help for problems, particularly those of an emotional nature.

One of eight Australian men suffers from depression at any given time. Statistics indicate that men between 35 and 55 are particularly at risk. Male depression is associated with an increased risk of health disorders, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Life issues such as the death of a spouse, separation, divorce and unemployment trigger serious situational depression in men more often than in women. Men are likely to resort to destructive behaviours in an attempt to deal with depression. Depressed men are two times more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs than depressed women.

How do we make a difference? Freemasons Victoria has a series of resources to help you along the way, including information and referral advice. There are many ways to improve our health status!

FMV Men’s Health Week Expo at the APCR

Start your planning now! Arrange group transport for your Lodge members and families (men and women welcome) to come to the APCR in North Melbourne for health seminars about nutrition and diet, exercise, physiotherapy and mindfulness and try out all the great equipment available!

Limited positions are available for health checks on these days.

Tuesday 13 June – All day
Wednesday 14 June – Morning
Thursday 15 June – Morning
Monday 19 June – All day
Tuesday 20 June – All day

Make your bookings now to avoid disappointment! Contact Kate Hatton;

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (03) 8373 7600

Let’s join together and make a difference to the wellbeing of the men and boys in our community!


  1. Ken Coleman 6 months ago

    Mens Health.

    Given the concern generally for Mens Health, it would be a great idea if G/L sought the advice from a Dietician regarding ideal menu’s for the South in Lodges. Some of the food dished up at Lodge meetings is based purely on cost with little or no regard on members health. Points-
    . Meals generally commence at around 9-9.30.p.m.( perhaps we should all eat before the meeting)
    . Many members are already diabetics/ heading towards being one.
    . Many soft drinks contain excessive sugar & drinks such as Diet Coke are not good either.
    . We spruce much about being “good family/ citizens” etc but do not lead by example
    . The whole structure for Meetings/ Dining needs to be thoroughly overhauled- if we are not prepared to change our ways we will fade quicker than we think.

  2. Ange Kenos 5 months ago

    The Library has documents and information on display regarding a number of areas for MEN’s HEALTH

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