Becoming a Freemason

Join an organisation of good men, supporting each other, their families and their community. Take a step into personal growth and building a legacy.

Freemasonry offers outstanding men an opportunity to contribute to their local communities, better themselves, and join a network of like minded individuals.

A commitment to self development and the willingness to dedicate yourself to the improvement and support of your community, the desire to participate in a brotherhood of friendship and a belief in and recognition of the existence of a supreme being/higher purpose are the key requirements of becoming a Freemason. You must also be a law abiding citizen and a man over eighteen years of age.

Freemasons believe in:

  • equality, acceptance and understanding
  • charity and contributing to the wider community
  • education, self development and improvement
  • a commitment to honourable personal conduct

Together, the Freemasons make a significant contribution to their own lives, their brother Freemasons and the wider community.



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