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Freemasons are encouraged to pursue their own continuing self improvement through education programmes offered by Freemasons Victoria.

Freemasons believe that it is through education that we continue to grow and that our development as individuals and as a society is never completed, that there is always a daily advancement to be made as we move into the future.

Self Improvement

Freemasons Victoria conducts several courses to assist Lodge members to further develop their personal skills and abilities as well as aid in their activities as a Freemason. This training is centered on developing communication skills, personal relationships, leadership and knowledge of Freemasonry. The main aspects of Freemasons Victoria's skills training courses are public speaking skills such as handling nerves and body language and managerial skills such as strategy development... Read More >

Masonic Education

Freemasonry has a rich symbolic heritage that offers complex intellectual challenges. Freemasons Victoria offers many opportunities to engage with Masonic symbolism and history on a deeper level through visiting experts trained in leading discussions at Lodge meetings, The Victorian Lodge of Research, Study Circles and many other exciting other programmes. The Education Committee of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria coordinates speakers for lodge meetings on various topics... Read More >

Education Contacts

The Education Office of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria is open every Thursday from 9am - 1pm. Contact: 03 9411 0120 or email: Read More >